Congratulations on your purchase of the SailStudio Tech Ltd Monitoring Device. We hope that it provides peace of mind whilst you are away from your boat.

How it works

The unit contains a small but powerful computer that continuously monitors the sensors (see Sensors) and if any alarm condition (set by yourself or anyone authorised to see your boat) it immediately alerts the user (by email or SMS) and uploads the latest conditions to the main server. If no alert conditions are present, then the status of all the sensors is upload automatically every 30 minutes to give you a history of up to 2 weeks on the main website.

If the unit is away from a mobile phone signal, and is unable to connect to upload the data, it stores it on the unit itself and uploads when it next connects.


Navigate in your favourite browser to (209) 307-1385 and register an account. As soon as you have done this, please email info@sailstudio.tech or phone +44 (0)1962 217 330 to associate your account with your boat monitor. You may have as many members of your family / syndicate associated with your vessel as you like. Each person may have their own separate alarms. If you have purchased your unit through a management company they will naturally be monitoring your vessel.

Next Steps